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Please read our FAQ at the bottom of the page and if your question isn't covered there please use the email-address under "Our Contact Information" below.

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Houston, TX 77043 USA

Phone: +1 (281) 789-6277

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Please read our FAQ

How to download to an iPhone or iPad? +

To use the Ebook and audio on an iPhone please follow this instructions:

1. Audio download to iPhone/iPad:

Please download the mp3-audio file to a computer, add it to your iTunes library and sync to the iPad or iPhone. This is the easiest and recommended way following Apple specifications.

If you don't have a computer, you can still download to your device directly by using a free App called “Downloads Lite” (Just paste the download-page link from the email in the App browser, tap & hold on the audio-link, select "Download Linked File As.." from the menu that appears. You'll then find the audio in "Files").

2. Ebook download to iPhone/iPad:

  • install a free pdf-reading App (iBooks, PDF Reader Lite, etc.)
  • click on the Ex-Detox System download link for the Ebook (pdf will open in Safari)
  • Tap on the upper right corner of the window
  • select “open in” [the free pdf reading App]save the pdf within the App
The audio stops playing on your iPhone/iPad after approx. 16 min? +

This happens when you play the audio with your browser by just tapping on the download link.

Please download the audio to your device (as described above) and it will play just fine.

How to use the Hypnotic Audio? +
  1. The use of head-phones is recommended, however not mandatory. If used, those that completely cover the ears are recommended. A well-fitting pair of ear buds will work fine if there is not a lot of background noise.
  2. Don’t listen to this tape while driving your car or sitting out in the sun or by a fire.

This is a state-of-the-art Hypnotherapy Recording. It uses so called binaural tones music which was developed by a sound engineer and a doctor. It stimulates the brain for deeper relaxation and better receptiveness for positive messages to the subconscious.

It also uses a special Neuro Linguistic Programming technique called “Future Pacing”, where you program yourself for change into the future. Basically healing is done on auto-pilot, just by listening to the tape.

Both mixed together is a powerful and completely safe tool to recover from your divorce or break-up literally on autopilot.

Listen to it regularly for maximum benefit and get over your Ex once and for all.